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EARLY B5 Keyhole logo DESIGNS
B5 Promo Folder Early B5 station Design #2
The images and logos on this and the next page were designed by the late Peter Ledger, and are from the original flyer promoting Babylon 5 that was sent out to stations back in 1991. Inside was info about a soon-to-be-made TV movie that we all know now as "The Gathering." At this point it was still being promoted as a Warner Bros. production only... PTEN is mentioned nowhere in the copy... Since the text is hard to read in the images here (and for the benefit of those not using graphics, here is the text of the original brochure...

2257 A.D.

B5 Flyer Opened

The outermost reaches of space are dominated by five potentially hostile federations, including the Earth Alliance. Intrigue, smuggling, murder, espionage, mistrust, collusion and spying are commonplace.

In this time of uneasy peace and constant threat of war, a lone territory exists where all five federations' starships are assured safe passage. Smack in the center of this territory is a space station: a neutral port-of-call, a spacebourne Casablanca filled with heroes and thieves, rogues and healers. Its name... BABYLON 5.

Policed by the Earth Alliance and governed by and advisory council, Babylon 5 is the last and best hope for a hundred worlds. While all who enter - human and alien alike - are accorded every possible courtesy, Babylon 5 is rife with those who seek to fulfill their own personal, often devious, agendas, jockeying for power in the fragile balance of the stars.

The Minbari, who until recently were at war with the Earth Alliance, are an emotional, explosive people. They've recently experienced a spiritual renaissance, but are still plagued by their own warlike natures.

The secretive Vorlons are a group not to be trusted. A massive power struggle is going on among their upper echelons where advancement is only accomplished by assassination. They seek to eliminate the Earth Alliance and solidify themselves as heads of the Empire.

The Centauri are members of a once mighty, noble people who've fallen from greatness. Basking in the glory of days long gone, the now slothful Centauri indulge in sensual pleasures while their republic teeters on the brink of collapse or invasion.

The Narn Regime is the youngest of all the federations and the most feared. With valuable resources in their sector and an undaunted spirit, they have the most to gain by flexing their aggressive muscles. Hungry Narn eyes watch the crumbling Centauri regime, waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

The Earth Alliance is the single government of mankind and the watchdog of this deep space way station. Humans have progressed to a highly advanced stage and are thus admired and hated.

Babylon 5 is a world unto itself among a hundred colliding cultures. Strange, exotic, dangerous, full of hope and promise, and an open refuge to all.

WB Logo and Copyright

A Look at the Original Character Biographies

Original messages from JMS about B5 from 1991, including his descriptions of this brochure. This archive at The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 is from Genie, which is where the news about B5 was first given to the net community.

Babylon 5 and all related names and images © Warner Bros./PTEN Consortium

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