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All of these images, as well as the "keyhole" logo, were designed by the late Peter Ledger.

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Jeffrey Sinclair
COMMANDER JEFFREY SINCLAIR is a decorated war hero and an acclaimed figure from the Earth-Minbari War. He is one of the new breed of humans, born and raised entirely in space. Handsome, rugged and commanding, Sinclair is the leader responsible for all of Babylon 5, it's people, resources, and very survival. Though his place is to command Babylon 5, he longs to one again travel the stars.

Laurel Chang
VICE-COMMANDER LAUREL CHANG is second in command. Earthborm Laurel is a strikingly attractive career officer. Reporting directly to Commander Sinclair, Laurel's common sense practically serves her well since she is in charge of daily opeations in Babylon 5. She is no-nonsense, but has a sly sense of humor.

Dr. Mendak
DR. CHAKRI MENDAK is chief medical specialist. Caring, trusting, compassionate and dryly funny, Chakri is driven by the goal of leaving behind definitive work on alien biology.

SECURITY CHIEF MICHAEL GARIBALDI is a tireless soldier, dedicated cop, persevering detective and law enforcer. Posessing an acidic wit and refreshing bluntness, he puts his life on the line daily for Babylon 5. Bumped from one assignment to the next, Babylon 5 is his last chance to make good.

DELENN, Minbari Federation - Delenn, like most of his people, is deeply spiritual, yet very much in a daily war with his more volatile feelings. He is constantly on guard, careful not to let his natural tendencies towards emotion betray him. He is torn by the fact that he is Sinclair's friend, but has orders to watch him closely.

Khosh Naranek
KHOSH NARANEK, Vorlon Empire - Little is known about Khosh or his people. Mysterious, short-tempered and extremely secretive, this "outsider" must wear an environment suit for protection on Babylon 5. As a result, we will rarly see the secret face hidden within the encounter suits.

Londo Collari
LONDO COLLARI, Centauri Republic - Most humanlike, Londo's jolly exterior hides the quiet desperation underneath. A descendant of the once great Centauri Republic, Londo is decadent, indulgent, and lazy. In many ways he's like a Roman on the cusp of Rome's fall.

JACKARR, Narn Regime - A member of the youngest of the five federations, Jackarr is cocky, confident, barely able to conceal contempt for others, and always looking for a fight. Fire and steel are behind his eyes as he plays one side against the other, plotting to seize opportunities for his advantage.

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